Perpeutal Succour Charitable Trust

Perpetual Succour Mission Hospital (P.S. Mission Hospital) is a charitable institution managed by the sisters of the Congregation of Teresian Carmelites. Perpetual Succour Mission is a Third Order Carmelite Congregation and is Pontifical, erected and rooted in India since 1866. Very. Rev. Mother Soosamma CTC, Superior General is the highest authority of our Congregation. Our mission field is extended to different sections like; education, health care, family apostolate, home for aged and disabled, counseling, de-addiction work, prison ministry, evangelization works, creation of job for the helpless youth through social work and cottage industry.

Very Rev. Msgr. Alexander Vadakumthala
Archdiocese of Verapoly

About the Founder

PS Mission Hospital was founded by very Rev. Msgr. Alexander Vadakumthala with a vision to provide health care to all especially to the poor and underprivileged. The hospital was started on humble beginnings as a clinic on 11th February 1961 at Maradu in Kochi, Kerala, India. With the Great help extended by the benefactors,the clinic has become a 100 bedded multispeciality hospital.

Sr. Dr. Annie Sheela

P.S. Mission Hospital

P.S. Mission Hospital was started on 11th February 1961 as a clinic in Maradu village in Cochin, Kerala, India. Over the years, keeping pace with the developments in modern medicine, it has grown into a 100 bedded multi-super specialty Hospital, catering to the needs of the patient population from all walks of life especially the poor and the needy. The hospital comes under the Archdiocese of Verapoly (Latin Archdiocese in Kerala). The hospital is registered under Perpetual Succour Charitable Trust Act.

The hospital has all the specialty departments and 24 hours of emergency and accident unit. We always strive to provide the ideal environment for patients to receive the most advanced, innovative diagnostic and treatment facilities in a coordinated fashion. Our hospital through its various departments renders a holistic care to people.

At PS Mission Hospital, a multi-disciplinary team of talented medical professionals work round the clock to ensure complete, compassionate care of patients.

Mission & Vision


  • Inspired by the compassionate love of Jesus Christ we have taken “Heal in Love” as the vision of P.S. Mission Hospital.


  • We are committed and try to provide high quality superior and personalized healthcare services to people of all ages and in every stage of life.
  • As a Mission hospital we will differentiate from other hospitals by continually evaluating the needs of the communities and patients we serve and provide services and technologies to meet their needs.
  • In our hospital the patient is the most important person and all the health care activities are being directed to the alleviation of sufferings and the welfare of the patient.
  • We will pursue and maintain important physician partnerships and alliances with other health care organizations to improve the health of our residents and to ensure financial strength for our organization and growth opportunities for our staff.
  • The purpose of the hospital is to provide holistic health care and we consider teamwork as an integral component of our future success.
  • The personnel shall observe the ethics of Catholic Church and the services would be deeply rooted in love.
  • The hospital shall care for its personnel with high value and justice and train them according to the time and need. Thus together we should care, cure and develop and build up the hospital.

Our Values

  • People: We recognize that every patient is important and we serve with kindness and compassion. We treat person as a whole responding to emotional and spiritual concerns as well as physical needs.
  • Service Excellence: We are committed to provide best quality medical service to those we serve. Involvement with total dedication and teamwork determine our future.
  • Responsibility: We accept personal accountability for the work we do.
  • Commitment: Through continuous learning and research to find better methods of prevention, cure and rehabilitation of diseases.
  • Character: We will be true to the trust that is placed in us. Our primary focus will be always in doing what is best for the patient.
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