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Maxillofacial and Dental Services

P S Mission Hospital provides a full scope of dental & Maxillo-facial surgery treatments at its Department of Dentistry and Maxillo-facial surgery. Our team includes specialists in Orthodontics, Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontics and periodontics. The department has been catering to the dental needs of children, teens, adults and even patients with special health care needs. From common paediatric conditions like chipped tooth and overbites to more complex surgical treatments, our team of experts are equipped with years of experience to handle anything, with utmost care. Backed by a post-op rehabilitation and care team, the Department of Dentistry and Maxillo-facial surgery delivers smiles to our patients.


  • Single sitting Root canal treatment in adults and both Pulpectomy and Pulpotomy in children.
  • Cosmetic dentistry including jacket crown veneers, tooth jewellery with skyce, teeth
  • whitening using home and office bleach, correction of high smile line etc.
  • Immediate correction of irregular teeth within two weeks
  • Gum disease correction treatments include flap surgery with Bone Andor Soft Tissue Grafting,
  • Frenal Correction, Double Lip Correction, and Gummy Smile Correction
  • Ceramic crowns and bridges along with precision attachments
  • RPD and Full dentures
  • Cast partial dentures and Flexlite partial dentures
  • Management of all immediate facial trauma emergencies. Surgery like impacted Tooth
  • Extractions, Apicoectomy. Surgical excision of cyst, growth, tumours of bone and skin etc.
  • Management of all facial trauma injuries
  • Fixed and removable Orthodontics with myofunctional appliances
  • Tooth coloured composite fillings and amalgam fillings
  • Jaw pain management with different treatment modalities


  • Orthodontic – correction of irregular teeth
  • Correction of congenital abnormalities like palate, lip jaw irregularities
  • Root Canal Treatment

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