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Nephrology, Toxicology & Dialysis Centre

The Nephrology Department at PS Mission Hospital is dedicated to the diagnosis & treatment of all types of kidney diseases like acute kidney injury due to any cause and chronic kidney diseases caused by diabetics , hypertension Nephrotic Syndromes,Glomercular nephritis, Lupus nephritis, vasculitis ,Polycystic kidney diseases, kidney stone diseases, urine infection etc . The department is also equipped with a modern dialysis unit which provides treatment for End Stage Kidney Disease, supported by a team of well experienced dialysis technicians and staff nurses.


  • Hemodialysis
  • Hemoperfusion
  • Plasmapheresis ( Plasma Exchange )
  • ICU Bed side Dialysis For Critical Patient
  • SLED ( Slow Low Efficiency Dialysis )
  • SCUF ( slow continous ultra filtration )
  • Dialysis Catheter placement ( Temporary & permanent )
  • Renal biopsy ( Native kidney biopsy & Transplant biopsy)
  • kidney Transplant Followup

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